Pinkney Collective Calgary Wine Packages

Our mission to make wine accessible to everyone through monthly wine deliveries, tasting guides, pairings and more.

Calgary Wine Packages

Monthly Calgary Wine Packages

We curate wines from all over the world to help you develop your knowledge and palate, explore wine regions and know that you’re getting selections from an accredited wine professional.

Tell me what you like or what food you want your wines to compliment. It’s that simple to get a curated 12 pack delivered to your door.

No contracts and no commitments. Are you ready to drink great wine?

12 Wines per case at 750 ml per wine*

$250 month

$350 month

$500 month – Added Value of a personal wine tasting up to 6 people*

$750 month – Added Value of a personal wine tasting up to 6 people*

Other options available, just email

All Pricing does not include GST

Personal Wine Label

The 2020 vintage of a Rose project I have been working on will be launched in March 2021.
Get in touch for more details.

Cam Pinkney Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets by BlondieBasket

Offering a unique and customized approach to gift giving. BlondieBasket provides a personal shopping experience that connects you and your clients with primarily local and Canadian made products and services.

Individual Pricing

-Custom Gift Baskets start at $100


-10 baskets starting at $85/basket

-20 baskets starting at $75/basket

-Other options available